Beauty and Your Bling

Several years ago, Body Tonic co-hosted a happy hour event for skin care and jewelry. A most brilliant idea arose from joining jewelry and beauty: putting a spotlight on rejuvenation of the areas where we wear jewelry, like the neck, ears and hands.

Most people do prioritize treatments to the face over other areas of the body, but I know these jewelry area treatments are popular and sought after: our video on filler for neck bands has had 14,000 views on YouTube!

One of our wonderful clients works at Throckmorton's Watches and Jewelry and was interested in sharing these types of treatments with their clients, so I've revised and updated this blog with some new pictures and details!

Filler for Horizontal Neck Bands

The neck and the décolletage area are particularly prone to premature aging because these are areas of increased sun exposure, resulting in degenerative changes such as loss of collagen and elastin. And while many of us might put sunscreen on our faces daily, the neck and décolletage get neglected more often, resulting in lines forming faster than in other areas.

Belotero dermal filler works very well on the thin skin of the neck. Injections of the dermal filler in the neck are shallow and the delicate nature of Belotero works well to fill the superficial creases, erasing the appearance of the horizontal bands and creating smooth, younger looking skin.

Filler for the Earlobes

This is by far my most favorite jewelry area procedure. I mean really, WHO KNEW?!?

If you’ve worn big earrings in your pierced ears most of your life, you will definitely relate to this. Or, if like me, you got your ears pierced by a 17-year-old in the mall in 1984, and one hole is lower than the other, you may be interested in fixing this issue. Ear lobes also become stretched out and elongated just due to the effects of gravity, age and time, but mostly it is caused from the constant pull of earrings. And elongated or uneven holes make earrings hang somewhat crooked. Using a dermal filler in the ear lobe can create a plumping effect and add structure.

The filler adds volume to the ear lobe and helps expand and stretch the ear lobe out to a more youthful appearance, filling in any small wrinkles or creases. Fillers in the ear lobe can last longer than in any other area of the face, probably due to the lack of any muscle movement on the treated area.

Filler for the Hands

I remember my grandmother’s hands. She would always wear this gorgeous diamond ring set in a gold flower setting. And I remember that ring contrasted with her thin skin: you could see all the veins and tendons on the back of her hand. I realized this was how my hand would look eventually. While age does play a part in the breakdown of collagen and the resulting thinning and sagging of the skin, sun damage helps further this process along, and I know I don’t wear sunscreen on my hands everyday. So, it’s inevitable. My hands will be see through one day!

Fortunately we can fix this quickly and easily. Radiesse dermal filler is injected into the middle of the back of the hand and massaged to blend in smoothly. It not only fills in the wrinkles and creases, but creates a layer between the skin and underlying veins and muscle, providing volume and structure and diminishing the appearance of protruding veins and tendons. It allows just your gorgeous rings to be noticed!

IPL for Hands and Décolletage

IPL is a treatment that uses light to absorb melanin (the dark pigment in your hair and skin) and hemoglobin (the red color in your blood vessels). This light converts to heat, which damages the target cells without disrupting the skin’s surface.

The skin on the décolletage and hand area is more sensitive than skin on other parts of our body: it is thinner, less moisturized, generally has a lot of exposure to the sun and thus has less elasticity, and there is little to no fat in this area. Consequently, this skin is more likely to show signs of aging, like dryness, hyper-pigmentation and age spots.

On the décolletage, this creates a noticeable contrast between the appearance of the face and the discolored, damaged skin on the chest. I notice this often: someone’s face is smooth and blemish free, while the décolletage is dark with hyperpigmentation, and often with visible creases.

IPL for the hands and décolletage will remove or reduce the appearance of:

  • Age spots

  • Freckles

  • Superficial hyper-pigmentation

  • Fine lines and creases

Results can be seen after just one treatment, although a series of treatments may be needed for maximum results.

Whisper for Hands

Whisper laser resurfacing uses laser energy to remove the outer layers of aged and sun damaged tissue, and heats the underlying tissue which helps stimulate collagen. This will help:

  • Improves skin texture

  • Improves skin clarity

  • Smooths fine lines and wrinkles

  • Diminishes appearance of crepey skin

  • Helps tighten loose skin

  • Diminishes discoloration and visible sun damage

So get out grandmas’s diamond ring and get it noticed on blemish free hands, put in those heavy Kendra Scott earrings and show them off with your new youthful earlobes, or maybe head over to Throckmorton's and get yourself a new bauble!!!

Fun with dermal fillers: instant gratification and lasting beautiful results!