HCG Diet: Portion Control is Not an Urban Legend

Oh dearest Labor Day weekend, although you were the most fun ever you were not a great support system for my HCG adventures!

After thinking long and hard about whether to continue on this weight loss journey...I decided to..................not continue. To all the women I have personally seen start and finish, I salute you all! What will power, what dedication, what drive!

I did lose overall 10lbs and have been eating better since falling off the HCG wagon, not going to lie my pride is a bit bruised but that's ok:) Pasta hasn't been around, neither breads nor starches have entered our house, until yesterday! Football season is loaded with BBQ, chips and dips! Before HCG I would say to myself "there are alternative ways to make that dip or queso to where it's not fully loaded with bad stuff" and then I would giggle and think "who wants to eat those things!" Now, I do:) Alternatives were used and we still got compliments on the food:) I ate veggies with my queso instead of chips, no bread with my brisket, it really does make a difference! Being on HCG for 10 days has really opened up my eyes to the way we eat. Portion control is a real thing it's not an urban legend and coffee will be okay without your normal dose of sugary creamers! You will make it without a piece of garlic bread when eating spaghetti squash with marinara sauce:) These things are real and every little bit helps in the long run.

I'm not going to sit here and say I'll never enjoy a lovely bowel of pasta with sun dried tomatoes and garlic bread but I will think twice about my portions, I'll think twice about how much I eat and how often. I'm back into working out, my dog is in heaven that Momma wakes up early to take her for a jog before it gets too hot:) It may have been a short lived experience but in my past years of watching what I eat I found clarity with what I CAN eat and that a small cheat day isn't the end of the world!!

Stay beautiful, be healthy, and we can't wait to see everyone on September 11th from 4pm-7pm for our Happy Hour Event!!

by Maricela Mayo Roller