BBQ and Vodka: Temptations in Week Two of the HCG Diet

Blurg...will power? Labor Day weekend? Well, I feel off the wagon. Yes, I cheated:( Saturday/Sunday/Monday. Here's how it all started.

Do I want to keep going? Is this really worth it? I have some events coming up i.e.: my husband's birthday, football season starts and that means BBQs with friends and family...ugh, then will come the holidays! It never ends!

As I contemplate moving forward with this diet I have realized a few things. Healthy eating can be yummy:) Not as yummy as the goat my husband smoked this weekend, with balsamic brussel sprouts, and baked potatoes.

We were invited by some dear friends of ours to come for a weekend visit to San Antonio. They got a sitter for Saturday night, and since we NEVER get to go out with them for a night out on the town, we thought "why not?" I thought "oh crap! This diet! Ok, one bit of a cheat will be ok, you've been so good!" I was down 7.5lbs in 7 days! Enter yummy bottles of wine, bison tartar, and frog legs: it was a much needed Saturday night with friends. Stressful days at work, home improvements, doctors appointments...I convinced myself that one little cheat dinner would be ok. Sunday we woke up a little worn out and James opened their back door and this yummy waft of smoking meat on the bbq came hurling into the house. "Ok goat is a protein you'll be just fine" "Brussel sprouts, yes you can have those" "Vodka soda while we watch episodes of Breaking Bad? Why not! It's Labor day weekend for crying out loud."

Now here I am writing this blog and trying to decide which path to take. Back on HCG? Still eat healthy and start working out again? Go eat queso and drink a margarita? Don't margaritas solve problems? Giggles:)

I'll keep you posted, wish me luck:)

7 day weigh in down 7.5lbs, down 1% body fat, metabolic age younger

Maybe a cheat day is a friendly reminder of a life you're trying to leave behind/modify?