HCG Diet Experience: Just Dive in and Swim!

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So, the whole Body Tonic staff was gonna do the HCG diet together, but in the end, it’s just Maricela Roller who is braving this strict diet! And she is chronicling her experience for us! If you don’t know what the HCG diet is, or have heard controversial information about it, I’ll explain about it first. If you’d rather, just skip on down to Part One of Maricela’s non-alcoholic, protein-rich, calorie-restricted, HCG experience!

HCG, human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone produced in women during pregnancy. Used in synthetic form in conjunction with the calorie-restriction that is called for in the HCG diet plan, HCG (prescription only cream or injection) can help the body in several ways. First, it helps keep you from losing muscle while you diet. It elevates certain hormone levels in the body, and this response counteracts muscle-breakdown. With the HCG diet you will not be losing muscle mass, as with most other diets. Crash dieting can result in rapid weight loss, but that loss is often muscle mass. Although the weight loss may look good on the scale, losing muscle is bad for your body and even slows metabolism, making it even easier to regain weight after the diet is finished. Also, rebuilding lost muscle is difficult and takes time. Remember that muscle allows for a stronger metabolism and helps you maintain weight loss.

Patients report that HCG reduces feelings of hunger and gives added energy, allowing them to still feel comfortable while eating a calorie-restricted diet. I did the HCG diet for a week, to lose about five pounds (I lost four) and I found that the HCG cream gave me a lot of energy. Generally with calorie restriction, there is a huge drop in energy. Because I didn’t experience that energy drop, the HCG is the only thing I can attribute that to!

The diet is intended for at least 26 days but can be used for up to 40 days. Calorie intake varies with each week, and with your weight loss progression and goals.

Cue Maricela….

“It feels a bit funny, this feeling inside" to quote the ever so lovely Sir Elton John. That's the line right?

The past 3 days have been a bit easier than I thought...wait for it...then James (my better half) and I met some friends out for a show at Threadgills. You never realize how yummy, delicious, decadent, exquisite, a down home cooking restaurant smells when you're on a diet. Did I mention that it smelled like mac 'n' cheese and chicken fried steak!?!?! Thank god the show was outside:)

While everyone else quenched their thirst with vodka sodas, wine, and Lone Star I decided to go with The House Wine of the South, iced tea: side note: I have not been using any Stevia products or any lemon, until tonight. If I were going to make it through this concert I needed some allies; in comes a lemon wedge and Stevia. 2 iced teas and 3 waters later the show was over which meant it was time to go home. Now, usually I would go out with everyone afterwards to continue the party but this little lady needed her veggies! Here is what I found has helped the most.

I like to spread my food throughout the day. My fruits I make sure are 6 hours a part but my my proteins and veggies I split up. A nibble here, a nibble there I don't feel like I'm going without all day long.

Soon as I came through the door I was racing to the fridge and savoring my snow peas. And let me tell you, I've never wanted to make out with a vegetable before that didn't have cheese on it...tonight...I wanted to cuddle those snow peas!!

Allow me to give you a little back story leading up to me proposing marriage to snow peas while on HCG. Days 1 and 2 weren't really that bad, You mentally prepare yourself to expect the worst so when the worst doesn't come you're all good! Then day 3 came...yup day 3 was a glimpse of times past. I started to get tiny itty bitty little cravings for a flash of a second i.e.: ketchup, balsamic vinaigrette. With ketchup goes fries, with fries goes a hamburger, with a hamburger goes a beer, with a beer...Maricela stop it just stop it!!

I listened to my cravings and researched condiments that I COULD eat.

*Here's another helpful tip: Focus on the things you CAN eat. Putting your energy into what you CAN'T eat will make you go crazy!

This has now led me to find new recipes and forms of consuming water. Water is important with this diet so just dive in and swim!

Today is day 4 and my loving husband James and I are making a grocery list. How can I explore a grocery store today!?! Has he lost his mind!! I need activities to take my mind OFF of peanut butter, string cheese, and avocado...yes I'm seriously craving avocado! At least it's not brie cheese and french bread:) hehehehe

It's either grocery store or clean the house while doing laundry...well I guess the grocery store isn't too bad right? :)

See you in a couple of days: Feeling hungry comes and goes, energy is great until I hit my normal crash time, I'm sleeping SOLID, and although I've been told to not weigh myself everyday...I weighed myself...DRUUUUUMMMMMMROOOOOLLLLL PLLEEEEASSSEEE...(in a whisper) I've lost weight! I don't want to tell numbers just yet, I'll wait for my next appointment on Wednesday. I will say that it's motivated me to keep going and not be upset when everyone orders dessert while I sip Topo Chicos:)

Remember- beauty isn't skinny, it isn't curvy, it's you...just be you!

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