Win the War Against Cellulite

Ninety percent of women have cellulite — regardless of shape, size or age. It appears when a collection of fat cells gets trapped in the connective tissue below the skin, causing its surface to pucker. Here, the scoop on what you can do to tackle the orange-peel effect.

Radiofrequency (RF) energy treatment is a new and promising technology for non-surgical body contouring, fat and cellulite reduction.

Pure RF energy alone can be used in treatments to effectively contour the body and reduce the appearance of cellulite and fat.

With deep, controlled heating of the fatty layers under the skin, the effects of tissue tightening and increased blood circulation mean that fatty deposits are drained through the lymphatic system, reducing the appearance of cellulite. Based on current RF technologies, most people should see at least a mild improvement in their skin tone, with a temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite and possible inch loss, with minimal risks and downtime.

Why Do We Get Cellulite?

By now you've probably figured out that you could be a size 2 and still have cellulite. That's because it's not about how much you weigh, it's about what you're putting in your body to begin with. “Cellulite is simply excess fat and toxins that are stored in fat directly beneath the surface of the skin," says Cynthia Pasquella, CCN and co-founder of SoCal Cleanse. "When our bodies are overburdened with chemicals, preservatives, and toxins from our environment, it stores them in body fat so they won't damage vital organs. It might not look pretty but this is your body's natural defense mechanism."

Where Do We Get Cellulite?

The areas most prone to cellulite are your butt, inner thighs, lower stomach, and even your arms. While extremely hard to totally prevent, steering clear from toxins such as smoking, alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, and salt can help keep your dimples in check.

How to Prevent Cellulite

From a nutrition standpoint, the best way to prevent future cellulite is to eat foods lower in fat and calories that don't contain chemical preservatives. Foods high in lecithin including tomatoes, cauliflower, oranges, spinach, apples, and iceberg lettuce are great for your dermal cells and reducing the appearance of cellulite. If you're in a pinch, grab some cucumbers! Instead of eating them, slice them up and rub them directly on your cellulite. This causes the collagen in your skin to tighten so your bumps aren't as visible. And don't forget to stay hydrated — water flushes toxic waste from the body to help prevent cellulite from occurring in the first place.

Products to Help Cellulite

While RF Cellulite Treatments are great non-invasive procedures that promotes circumferential reduction and tightens lax skin on the body, a good self-tanner like Clarins Delicious Self-Tanning Cream can cover up your cellulite for when you need a quick fix.

Cellulite-Busting Detox Salad

Tomatoes and spinach are rich in lecithin to strengthen dermal cells, raw apple cider vinegar promotes healthy bacteria growth, kale is rich in cleansing chlorophyll and fiber, red pepper is packed with antioxidants, apples help detoxify and are rich in the soluble fiber pectin, parsley and lemon work to cleanse the liver and eliminate toxins, and ginger is a great detoxifier.

Exercises to Help Cellulite

Though there is no definitive cure to cellulite, there are ways to reduce the amount of all over body fat and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Try these fat-blasting moves below to strengthen, tone, and burn calories all at the same time.

The Move: 4 Ways Strong

Take these four power exercises that hit the glutes and thighs in every direction. Do four reps alternating with four jumping jacks. Repeat for four sets. This should take two minutes. Rest for 30 seconds and repeat three more times. This quickie ten-minute workout tones and tightens the glutes and thighs while upping your cardio to burn all over body fat. If you're a beginner, modify with low impact variations of the moves.


• Power Lunges – switching 4X

• Jumping Jacks 4X

• Power Squat 4X

• Jumping Jacks 4X

• Lateral Ski 4X

• Jumping Jacks 4X

• Turning Jumping Squat 4X

• Jumping Jacks 4X