October 10, 2019

Our nurse practitioner, Jennifer, is a redhead and recently had lip injections with Gina. I went in to see how it was going and Jennifer said she didn’t think she could get through it. Gina had done about ONE injection! They had used both topical and injectable anesthe...

October 12, 2014

A friend recently said to me, Hey I heard of this thing called Dysport. Is that new?

Me: No. And there’s Xeomin too. It’s like Botox. They’re all the same.


Are they all really the same though? Yes is the short answer. The long answer is this blog!


The Similarities


July 14, 2014

My friend Jennifer used to laugh at everything. Everything. Even if I was recounting something that really annoyed me. She would laugh. Sometimes I would think, Does she think it’s stupid what I’m saying? Is it really not important? And then one day I decided, I’m goin...

June 30, 2014

You know that gorgeous man you recently broke up with who was perfect in every way except his TOTAL unavailability? And it’s SUPER annoying and sad and makes you angry and heartbroken it didn’t work out…and you go through the what ifs and the whys before sleep and then...

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