New Nurse, New Procedures, New Products: NEW NEW NEW!

September 26, 2019


We Bought a Zoo is a favorite movie of mine, mainly because I used to be a zookeeper (fun fact). I also can’t get through it without crying the ENTIRE time though! There’s a cute scene in it when the dad, played by Matt Damon, is in a car with his daughter and a realtor, hunting for a new home to start over after his wife died. It’s the realtor's first day on the job and he’s overly excited: “I’m excited about new stuff! NEW is the new OLD! NEW NEW NEW!”


That line keeps coming back to me lately because NEW is what’s up at Body Tonic these days.

It has been CRAZY up in here y’all! Everything at Body Tonic is in fast forward these days!

BIGGEST CHANGE? Bringing on our Nurse Practitioner for sure! Jennifer is one of those people who hits the ground running no matter what. She’s got three little ones at home, is still working on-call at a birthing center, and shows up to Body Tonic everyday full of passion, wanting to learn absolutely everything. Her almost four months with us have been JAM PACKED with constant advanced trainings and hands on experience. At first, a lot of her day to day time was spent with Iris but after the multitude of trainings she’s participated in, she has been injecting her own clients this month. Speaking from personal experience (she’s done my cheeks and most recently my lips) she is a perfectionist, talented and so sweet. As Iris said, she’s really a natural. Perhaps it’s because she’s been a nurse for 10 years?!?


On the subject of lips, mine are still a little swollen from the injections, so no before and afters just yet. But we should have some shortly. Jennifer, Gina and Iris all attended the Aesthetics Next conference in Dallas a few weeks ago, and had the opportunity to see Julie Horne – lip extraordinaire – and watch first hand her lip injection technique. THIS is the technique Jennifer did for my lips! As you may have seen from Iris's Instagram video, they had a blast at that conference, learned a lot, and got to network with the best in the business.


With the holidays approaching and Gina’s and Iris’s schedules already booking out about 2 weeks, always feel free to take advantage of the introductory specials we have with Jennifer. The ladies understand that sometimes client schedules and planning around events take priority over your normal injector preference. OR, if you haven’t had injections yet at Body Tonic and you don’t have an injector preference, DEFINITELY jump on her schedule because I know you’ll love her, and your results.


What else is happening up here at the spa? We are transitioning to electronic medical records! Shortly there won’t be 85 pages of paperwork to fill out when you come…you’ll just be able to login to your patient portal and do it from home.


NEW PRODUCTS! Skin Better just launched two new products: a sheer mineral sunscreen in a compact ($55, and it really is sheer – it looks tinted in the compact but it’s completely sheer on the skin), and a mineral sunscreen stick. We just got the compact in last week and the sunscreen stick will be available in October.

New to us from Skin Ceuticals: we now have some of their Dermablend makeup and Glow Creator – both really great price points ($40 for Dermablend and $32 for Glow Creator). Dermablend can be mixed with your moisturizer, sunscreen or Hydrating B5 Gel to help cover up bruises from injections, or blemishes, and even tattoos. Glow Creator is like liquid highlighter and just provides a fresh dewy look.


NEW PROCEDURE: BBL/Halo combo. This combo treatment is getting great results. It starts with a very dialed down Halo treatment (for texture, collagen stimulation and pore size) and finishes with a BBL (for pigment). The results are better skin clarity, elasticity and texture, and with less downtime than a full-intensity Halo.


I know it’s just the end of September, but do look ahead to your holiday events and schedule your appointments as soon as you can.  I worked front desk last week for a few days and we are already booking appointments in November and December. Holiday planning is starting! Check out this blog on a guide to downtime to help you with when to schedule.

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