A Juice Cleanse and Vanquish Body Contouring

March 4, 2019



I did a three-day cleanse from Squeezed Online this weekend. I started on Friday and I’ll be done tomorrow morning!


I wasn’t sure what to expect and honestly I was scared. I get terrible low blood sugar if I don’t eat. I get HANGRY. Like defiant and quiet, and rude when I have to interact. So, I’ve never felt a juice cleanse was for me. Karen does them often and recently Iris tried one. So I finally thought, what the heck, I’ll do it!


It was definitely hard. I’ve been hungry and lacking energy for three days. Friday I was so out of it and I think maybe a little delirious toward the afternoon! But I made it through Day One, and Day 2 and 3 have been fine. I can’t warm up though with constancy of the cold juices and water. But I kept busy with errands and cleaning and even ran my dogs Saturday, and made it to Black Swan for some yoga today. I’m not craving anything in particular really, but I am hungry and wishing for some very yummy, hot meal right now!


I didn’t realize how much space food takes up in your brain. When are you going to eat, what are you going to eat, when are you going to the store to get the food to eat. What will you take to work for lunch? Are you eating in or are you eating out? Where are you going to eat out? I thought about food probably every hour the first day. With all those thoughts gone, there’s space for other things. Within the hunger, I found some introspection. I felt lighter, and silly sometimes. More thoughtful. Words filled my head and I felt like writing. There was some peace within the hunger. Contentment within the discomfort. I’m not sure when I'll do it again... but it was a wonderful reset: remembering what’s really needed, versus what we want, or think we need.


It also made me think about trying to do better for my body. I go through periods of time where I eat more and workout less. This cleanse made me think about trying to throw everything I can at my physical goals. Hopefully all this introspection will last, and I’ll continue on with lots of workouts and no over-eating. 


All that juicing talk just to get to this: I also thought about doing Vanquish body contouring. We always say we will and you know, work gets in the way! Vanquish works best for those who already have a healthy lifestyle and are looking to get rid of some stubborn fat around the muffin top and waist area. Does it work? It does, if you are compliant with coming once a week for 8 sessions, drinking lots of water, and continuing with your same lifestyle (if you are exercising, continue with the same routine). If you begin Vanquish and don’t exercise, you should consider at least beginning to walk. Vanquish melts fat cells and they are excreted from the body as waste. So physical movement helps this process along. Vanquish is a monthly special, and it’s perfect timing for almost-bathingsuit-weather!

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